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Marjo SeafoodsMost Dedicated Player of the Year Rafe Couillault (12th Stealth)
Forrest TrophyBest Under 12 Player of the Year Thobias Yackson (12th Cougars)
Under 14 Goalkeeper of the Year Liam McGrath (13th Lightning)
MAFC Junior Youth Top Striker/Goal Scorer(11th & 12th Grade) Kienan Pearson (12th Stealth)
Team Defenders Cup 12th Stealth
Sharp Shield 12th Stealth
Team Championship 13th Lightning Metro11th Fusion Div 4
Manurewa Junior Sheild 11th Fusion
Youth Coach of the Year Martin Rodwell13th Lightning
Female Youth Player of the Year Tara Murphy13th Bullets
Bennet Family CupJunior YouthPlayer of the Year(13th Grade and Under) Sean Bright andJaylen Rodwell13th Lightning
Hummels Family TrophyPerseverance and Commitment Nathaneal De Bruin15th Vipers
Most Consistent Youth Player of the Year Liam Whiter17 Metro
Chairmans CupYouth Sportsperson of the Year Aaron Dormer17 Metro
Most Promising Female Youth Player of the Year Saheeba Khalil14th Girls
Barry Hummels Memorial TrophyTop Striker Goal Scorer of the Year Nathaniel Binder-Gloor17 Metro
Endeavour Trophy 17th Jaguars
Youth Goalkeeper of the Year Nathaniel Turner17 Metro
Interassociation Trophy 14th Conference
Youth Manager of the Year Derek Jarman17 Metro
Turner TrophyYouth Player of the Year Aaron Dormer17 Metro


Team Name Coach/Manager Award Recipient
11th Fusion Dave Pegler Most Improved Diyar Yousefi
    Most Consistent Ryan Singh
    Player of the Year Ronan Cribb
11th Pumas Ashwin Kumar Most Improved Dayne Daniels
  Steven Baker Most Consistent Avansh Kumar
    Player of the Year Kairo Jacobs
11th Giants Graham Ralphs Most Improved Daniel Masson
    Most Consistent Renee Ralphs
    Player of the Year Krishi Triveni
12th Pumas Shaun Stevenson Most Improved Elisha Nua
  Ann-Marie Leask Most Consistent Damon Kane
    Player of the Year Logan Lum
12th Cougars Craig Hastings Most Improved Damian Lee
    Most Consistent Caed Taylor
    Player of the Year Andre Vietch
12th  Leopards John Morgan Most Improved Carl McCullagh
  David Guy Most Consistent Samuel Kumar
    Player of the Year Kevin Zeng
12th Stealth Vaughan Couillault Most Improved Kienan Pearson
  Bob Couillault Most Consistent Taylor Maskell
  Pam Hewlett Player of the Year Shawn Coughey
13th Venom Jayson Jury Most Improved Harmanjeet Singh
  Kirsten Jury Most Consistent Josifina Tamu
    Player of the Year Matthew Buckley
13th Gorillas Danielle Katavich Most Improved Mackenzee White
  Jackie Yates Most Consistent Samuel Lowery
    Player of the Year Nicholas Yates
13th Shakers Davin O’Sullivan Most Improved  Elijah Varney
    Most Consistent  Daniel O’Sullivan
    Player of the Year  Luke Matete
13th Bullets Umesh Chandra Most Improved  Chloe Cronin
    Most Consistent  Nichole Loloselo
    Player of the Year  Jak Robinson
13th Lightning Martin Rodwell Most Improved Tonga Scott
  Vic Rodwell Most Consistent Caolin Hewitt-Swaine
  Trevor Bright Player of the Year Sean Bright
14th Girls Robynne Hubbard Most Improved Janelle Evans
  Liz Bonnar Most Consistent Sabeeha Khalil
    Player of the Year Gemma Wu
14th Conference Martin Rodwell Most Improved Josiah Lankshear
  Jason White Most Consistent Charnny Bun
    Player of the Year Stephen McCroskie
15th Vipers Dave Pegler Most Improved Liam Sills
    Most Consistent Darius Te Wharau
    Player of the Year Connor Peterson
15th Force Lee Purdie Most Improved Deakan Shepherd
    Most Consistent Jacob Turner
    Player of the Year Shady Cowan
16th Gold Glenn Tabor Most Improved Fraser Smith
    Most Consistent Daniel Vivian
    Player of the Year Shivnesh Nand
17th Jaguars Alvaro Aguilera Most Improved Ryan Andrew
    Most Consistent Mitesh Nand
    Player of the Year Thomas Vincent
17th Metro Mark Armstrong Most Improved Kartik Kumar
  Derek Jarman Most Consistent Liam Whiter
    Player of the Year Aaron Dormer


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