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Senior Fees Policy 2021 Season:

All Fees to be paid in full by Game Three unless a payment arrangement is agreed with the Club Treasurer and recorded in writing and signed by all parties.

All payment arrangements must be completed by Game week 10.

Any payments that are missed or if the arrangement is not completed, the player

will be stood down from any further games until the arrangement is brought up to date or paid in full. No Exceptions.

Any fees still unpaid one month after the player has been stood down, will signify that the player is defaulting on their commitment and the club will start the collection process with Bay Corp.


Senior Fines Policy 2021 Season:

All fines must be paid /disputed within 30 days of the Invoice being issued by the Club.

If the fine is not paid after 30 days, an administration fee of $5.00 or 10%, whichever is highest, will be issued.

If the fine is still outstanding after 60 days of the original invoice being issued by the club, the player will be stood down until the total amount owing is paid in full.

If the Original Fine is still outstanding after 90 days from the club issuing the invoice, then the club will start the debt collection process with Baycorp.

If a team plays a player that has been stood down for unpaid fines, the club will default that game with the Federation


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