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Auckland Football: AFF teamcards process

Please find a quick reference list below to indicate which AFF teamcards are required to be sent to the AFF office each week and which are to be held at the club and then supplied upon request. ALL senior teams must complete a teamcard, which is either sent to AFF or held by the club.

Please send teamcards for the following divisions by Wednesday following the weekend fixture to AFF either by:
1.       Scan and email to
2.       Fax to no. 525-1361
3.       Place a stamp on the reverse and post to address on reverse of the teamcard (recommended to take a copy/photo before posting)
Team sheets and teamcards for the following divisions to come to the AFF office following each fixture:

  •          All NRFL leagues – no later than Monday 12pm following weekend matches or next working day for Monday-Thursday matches
  •          AFF/NFF Men’s Conference
  •          AFF/NFF Men’s Conference Reserves
  •          AFF Championship
  •          Metropolitan Youth 13th – 17th youth leagues
  •          Conference Youth 13th – 17th youth leagues
  •          AFF/NFF Women’s Conference
  •          13th – 17th Girls Premier youth grades

All other divisions which include AFF Men’s Divisions 1-10, all AFF Over 30s Divisions, AFF/NFF Over 35s Conference League, all AFF Over 35s Divisions, AFF/NFF Over 40s Conference League and all AFF Over 40s, AFF/NFF 19th Grade Saturday, AFF/NFF 19thGrade Sunday and AFF Women’s Division 1-5 require teamcards to be completed as normal and collected and held by clubs (collection box on bar).

If the federation requests a teamcard to verify a score, to further investigate an incident report or for any other reason, this needs to be supplied within three business days of the request. Failure to do so may result in a fine being invoiced to the club concerned. 



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