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When the grounds are open the following rules apply:

The entire area of Memorial park (and Jellicoe) can be used with the following conditions:- 
1) Teams are to stay off the cricket pitches at all times (includes all family members) 
2) Teams are to stay off the number one pitch (directly in front of the grandstand) 
3) Junior teams should aim to complete training by 6 pm so senior teams can utilise the fields too. 
4) Teams should be considerate of other teams training
5 ) Teams should observe any council requests published from time to time and/or grounds notices issued by the club.
6) Wherever possible keep off playing surfaces if you can train to the sides or behind the pitches - this protects playing surfaces from undue damage. Many thanks
7) Junior teams should aim to be off by 5.30pm and Youth teams by 6.30pm.
8) Training areas are allcoated to teams at the start of the season - please keep to these areas.  
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Memorial Training areas are detailed here

Jellicoe Training areas are detailed here

Grounds Closure 

Notification that the fields have been closed will appear on our website and our facebook page.  A grounds notice will also be texted to Coaches / Managers.  Please note that teams must keep to their allocated training areas - if only one of the grounds close they can not transfer to other park.

Why will one ground close and not the other ?
It depends on the grounds but also the training areas allocated at Memorial are not on the playing pitches and cause less damage for the fields required for Saturdays games.

Its not raining now why are they still closed?
If the grounds become waterlogged they need time to dry out and drain

Saturday Fixtures and cancellations

Game cancellations are confirmed by Auckland Football Federation by 5pm on the Friday prior and are noted on the online draw and AFF also issue a facebook message which we share to our facebook page (which can be also be seen on the home page of our website) 

All changes are distributed to clubs via email and are also input against individual fixtures on the competitions part of the site. Once the draw is confirmed there will be a message on the Auckland Football Federation web site home page -  We do suggest that you check online prior to heading out to your game.

Details of the cancellation and wet weather process are available on the Auckland Football website. For more information click here...





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