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Manurewa Soccer club is situated in the heart of South Auckland. For our location please refer to contact in the menu above.

In 1960 the Club had 1 senior team and 3 junior teams.

In 2005 the Club had five senior teams, two ladies teams, 1 girls team, fourteen youth teams and over 40+ midget and junior teams.
In 2014 the Club has five senior teams, 19 youth teams and 19 junior teams.

In 1959 Manurewa A.F.C, as we know it today, was founded. The original home grounds were at Memorial Park but in 1964 the club relocated to Gallagher Park, where football was played up until the end of the 1996 season.

The start of the 1997 season also saw the beginning of a new era back at Memorial Park.

1978 is the year the Manurewa Club will be remembered for;
Winning the Northern League First Division Chatham Cup Adidas Challenge Cup A unique treble not achieved by anyone before or since. 1983 saw us win the National League and in 1984 we reclaimed the Chatham Cup.

Our under 18 Team were runners up in the Junior National Cup in 1974/75/76/77 before finally winning it in the early 1980’s.

The club has had several New Zealand Representatives playing for it, many of whom learnt their football as juniors including:
 J. Leijh 1974 
Greg Hough 1977 
Chris Turner 1979/80 
Mark Armstrong 1979/80
Dave Bright 1979/80/81/82 
Shaun Baxter 1979 
Frank Van Hattum 1979/80/81/82   
Lee Stickland 1980 
Alister Elder 1980 
Sam Malcolmson 1981 
Greg Little 1981  
Alex Metzger 1981 
Peter Simonson 1982                      
Steve Sumner 1983 
Mike Groom 1983 
Keith Mackay 1983
R Feitsma 1984
Kevin Birch 1984
K Garland 1984
G Schofield 1987
C Tuaa 1987
G Wilkinson u23 '91
K Harlock u23 '91
M Byers u23 '91
C Riley 1992
D Pereto u17 '93
T Parker u17 '93
P Russel Combined Services '99
K Townsend u17 '00
M Eakins (NZ Futual) 2009-
C Chappell (NZ Futual) 2010-


Past Club Presidents:

1958-68 WJ Semple 
1969-74 RA Ogilvy 
1975-81 JA Fahey
1982-86 NR Callander
1987-92 RE Walsh
1993-98 NA Jenkins
1998-99 R Willis
2000-12 R Ogilvy
2013-     K Bevan

Life Members:








2021 - Todd Murphy 

2021 - Angie Shutkowski


Auckland Football Federation
Long Service Medalists

2009 - Yvonne White
2012 - Kerry Bevan
2013 - Wayne Jensen
2014 - Barend Hummels

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